First Time Home Buyers Programs

Today, I got up early and went to Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS Homeownership Fair  2007 at Santa Clara Convention Center. I hosted for the first shift for my company Referral Realty (RR). I was amazed to see the enthusiasm and energy of flows of people coming in to the fair and eagerness in finding answers to real estate status in the valley.
Most salaried people do not know the First Time Buyers Assist Programs sponsored by different levels of government agencies:the Cities, Counties and State, they think they will never be able to buy houses in California. I was glad to give them information on CALFHA, Housing Trust of Santa Clara County, and ACRON of Bank of America etc. And I was glad to speak to a few potential buyers who really want to have the ownership and part of their American dreams.
One of the other concerns I got a lot from buyers is how would they qualify and get the loan. My answers to that is “keep a clean and good credit scores”. Pay off your bills timely and save. Have a good steady job income, and save for your down payment.
I found myself talking like a loan agent to those buyers instead of a Realtor. The Countrywide Mortgage guys looked at me and were ready to give their booth to me. Yes, I know the loan part of realty business. I think all Realtors do. After all, we have to pre-qualify buyers as the first step.
If you want to learn more of mortgage or how to apply a loan, please feel free to give me a call, or visit my website of the mortgage 1-2-3 page at
Jin Chen specialize in helping first time home buyers.
Did I miss you today at the Fair? Write me back.


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