Winding down – Tax Day

In just a little less than 9 hours, 04/17, the 2006 income tax should be filed. I know some of my friends, maybe, at this very moment are still struggling with their returns, I’ll just be nice, signing in here and write my BLOG truthfully and not to call them. 😉
Filing tax is your citizen duty, I truly believe that if everyone of us honestly fulfilling our citizenship duties, our society will be better and prosperous.
Everyone tries to undercut, manipulate or cheat in his/her income tax return – unfortunately this is a known human weakness, but if the government does not collect enough money as it had expected, sooner or later, some new taxes will be added.

Paying tax is also good for our communities and quality of lives. The tax money can be used in improving infrastructures, education, public facilities, environments, schools, health programs etc. Hence, we can access them, use them, enjoy them and help us to make our lives easier.

I do not work for IRS – although this one sounded like I was one. Ha! I did my citizen duty this year already – I filed my income tax of 2006. 


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