Inventory Update – week of 4/16

Great statistics:
RE figures for the week of 4/16 showed much advances in just a week. NWQtr (Northwest of 17/101 and southwest of Menlo Park/101 : area (8/15-19/200-243) had jumped 100 listings. And the total of SCC (Santa Clara County) Class 1 (singly family home) and Class 2 (condominium/townhome) had raised from 3853 of last week (4/9) to 4177 listings this week.

Yes, the season has finally begun. With much of the anticipation and predictions, all industry and its affiliated businesses really did not know which direction the market will go. But stats showed we had a great first quarter. All SCC cities showed closing prices advances from 1% to 5%. Some may argue it’s due to lack of inventories. Especially in hot school districts, and affordable condos and townhomes are especially selling fast. 

Now with sellers ready, and buyers will have more options to select, it’s a brand new season again! 


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