A “Funny” Door Message..

Red Door with Words

Today, in my Friday Los Altos broker tour, I encountered a very unique experience! Perhaps the most hilarious one, one might say, in my whole broker tour experiences.

The property is located in a nice, rich residential area. When I walked up to the door, I was immediately “appalled” and “hesitant”. The phrase on the door is in Chinese, and is from Confucius famous teaching, Lun Yu. Lun Yu, the Analects of Confucius. I had to recite the whole book while I was in high school! 

I walked in, the hostess, she’s also the listing agent, she was prepared,  “It means,” she showed a piece of paper written in a paragraph to me, “The love of eating good food, enjoying colorful garden and good life (in this house).”
I did not say anything to her immediately. There was an Asian agent who was also touring the property passed me by in the living room, giggling walking toward the door while listening Freda’s reading the translation to me. We exchanged a big smile to each other and she left.

“It’s a very close translation, isn’t it? I consulted a friend of mine and she put it down on the paper for me.” Freda, the listing agent said.

“It’s Confucius saying,” I started replying her.

“Usually we don’t put such phrase on the front door,” “and in bright red color.” I said.

“But it’s a very close translation, wouldn’t you say?”, the old listing agent would not giving up. Oh, poor lady,  I bet she’s been asked many times during the tour this morning of what  those words meant on a red door.

“Who are the owners?” Instead of answering her, I asked . I was curious.
“He’s an old recluse himself, a bit eccentric, nobody knows much of him. But he lived here alone for a long time. He passed away not too long ago.” Freda said.

Ah!, a “hippie”, my mind is trying to sort the facts.
The property itself looks old by today’s standard, and it needs lots of work. It’s all 60’s, 70’s flair, the furniture, cabinets etc. The garden has a Japanese garden gate, those temple gates one would’ve seen in Japanese Tea Garden, sort of, and a deserted pond, must had koi fish in it some time ago. I think. The owner had love for oriental cultural tastes.

Had anyone told him what the phrase meant? Or, he knew what it meant but he still had it custom made and put it on his door? Was he “that kind of man”? Had he a good life? Did he did “The love of eating good food, enjoying colorful garden and good life (in this house).”?

I am sure he did! God rest his soul. Peace.


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