Web 2.0 Rules

I seldom talk about topics other than my field – Real Estate. But today, I’ll talk a little bit of BLOGGING and my BLOG.
I was impressed of few comments and phone calls generated by posting Fed’s lowering interest rates topics. The inquiries were directly about the rates and real estate market in general, however, I have to acknowledge that the impact of BLOG brings to our internet presence.
I insist on my little presence here which in the end, I believe will result in something good. Everyone is on computer now, if you don’t have a Blackberry device these days, I’ll say, you are probably a bit out of date. Although, the traditional marketing way is still important, but what else has faster effect than e-technology.
I’ll work on my little BLOG here for my marketing tool. Video, digital images are the tools shall be used. Expanding content to more in-depth and broad areas around Silicon Valley real estate market. I hope to get more local responses than national response. Since, Silicon Valley market is so unique that we are in a “Shan-garilla land” that people from outside seldom can comprehend.
Hail to the technology of Web 2.0 which made my work more challenging, interesting and fun!

Jin Chen

1601 S. DE ANZA BLVD. STE 150
408-996-8100 x 316

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