I am a native Chinese. I speak and write fluent Mandarin. But I did not learn the double meaning of “crisis” when translated into Chinese word from English, it literary means “chance”, or more over “turning point”.
This is so true because everything has two sides. Black and white, good or bad and Ying and Yang. So is the current financial crisis situations, good or bad?
Some people are really suffer from it, since the beginning of the year, personal finance lost, banks short of funds and mortgage companies go bankruptcies. But on the other hand, deep slides on stock market, is a good chance of buying. Foreclosures are very attractive to investors.
In the north eastern corner of Santa Clara County, or east of 101 in San Jose area is a great time to invest right now in real estate. Many homes are in distress, properties values are down 20 to 30 percents or even more. On the other hands, properties in good school districts such as Cupertino, Los Altos and Palo Alto, we have still seen multiple offers in offerings, they are still very active battle grounds.

It’s all two-sided perspective. Business, will still move on. 


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