Linking to TRULIA

TRULIA is a service base online open forum especially for REAL ESTATE.
The neat thing of this website is free, open to all: People everywhere can log, search to the website, ask, answer questions and search for property of neighborhood or anywhere in the world.  Real estate professionals can also post, answer questions and  market themselves and help home sellers/buers.                                                 

Neat thing number two: LOCALIZATION.  It get rid of the “big world”.  The old website usually when you tumble around into it, it will ask you to fill in a long list as to city, state, features, characteristics, square footage, lot size etc all those stuff. And then, it will go through its data base and search. If you are lucky enough, you will find a listing too old and probably not available at all.
TRULIA let you concentrate in your own neighborhood you want to do research in. You can set up alert whenever there’s matched listing available in the market.  You will also be able to know which RE agent is active in your area and knows his/her business. The site bring buyers, sellers and agents all together.

I encourage you to visit TRULIA and ask me a question. 🙂





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