Beware of the Loan Mod Con Artists

The entire universe need to have all kinds of creatures, organisms and virtues to balanced. And here they are: The villains of this right minutes  – Con Artists of the loan modification who PROMISED home owners to get them out of foreclosure caos and trick their money but DO NOTHING TO SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

This is, actually an emotional game: the distressed home owners are depressed, humiliated and worried, because they cannot keep up with their obligation to pay monthly. The villains took advantage of home owners unclear minds and weak wills, lured their innocence, and strip away their scanty resources.

Homeowners, if you are in foreclosure, or on the brink of going to fall behind on your payments, please use your proper judgments: NO EMOTIONAL TIME HERE. TIME IS THE ESSENCE. CONTACT YOUR LENDERS TODAY.

Here’s what homeowners should do to help themselves:

Do not respond to unknown solicitation of help from no one.
Do not pay any monetary fee up front to strangers.
Do not work with anyone except your lenders of your mortgage loans.
Do not negotiate or sign any paper work about your home with anyone except your lenders.

Troubled homeowners, if you want to have sound night sleeps and protect your properties and assets in this bad economic time, the smartest thing to do: CONTACT YOUR LENDERS NOW. With all the Government Stimulas Plan of 2009, your lender will try to work a way with you and help you to stay in the house and avoid foreclosure. ACT NOW! Don’t let someone else manipulate your lives!


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