Mortgage Interest Rates @ 50 Years Low This Week

 Home owners, haven’t you heard? please sit still:  the mortgage interest rates have fallen to the NEW LOWS in fifty years!
Please take advantage of this right moment  – for those who procrastinate! Take actions to re-finance; take an equity loan – if you can afford. ACT NOW, for they WILL evaporate!

Here are some samples of the rate. Rates are subject to change without further notice. Conditions and restrictions apply. Please contact your lender for details.

Conforming 30 years: < = $417,000
Lender pay closing cost: 4.625%
0 point: 4.375%
1 point:4.25%
Conforming 30 years, 1/5 ARM : < = $417,000
Lender pay closing cost: 3.50%
0 point: 3.125%
1 point: 3.0%


Intermediate Jumbo < =$729,750
1 point 4.875%
Imtermediate Jumbo 1/5 ARM < =$729,750
0 point:3.25%
1 point:3.0%

SUPER JUMBO > $729,750
0 point: 5.25%
1 point: 5.625%

Now banks stimulus money are in full swing.  More loan programs are available this summer. Fannie and Freddie also have new programs to encourage home buyers to take the advantage.

Jin Chen   

1601 S De Anza Blvd., #150, Cupertino, CA 95014
650.207.1421 (c)   408.996.8100 x 316 (b)  
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